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Welcome to our website! We are glad you stopped by. We offer a wide array of services for your pet training needs, both private in-home classes to full-length training courses. We provide cost-effective solutions to ensure that your pet is One Happy Hound.

Valuable Resources are also available through our useful links and we also offer helpful puppy training tips to help your puppy develop into a great best friend. A few of our services include:

2 Classes Free for any dog adopted from a licensed shelter
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Behavior Problem Solving
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Five Week Training Course
New Dog Walking/Home Visits to let your pup out when you are away from home all day.
Pat is a miracle-worker. First,I'd like to thank her for being willing to train our pitbull, Boss, when no one else would even let us into a class. With her instruction Boss can sit, lay, stay off people and begin to tolerate being around other dogs. We can walk in the park and we owe this all to Pat. Boss may be difficult, but Pat was the only trainer who agreed to take take him, work with him and is still willing to assist him. We have for the first time...HOPE! Thanks for your expertise. You are a miracle worker and master teacher.

- Nancy Dean, Bayonne, NJ

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Getting a New Puppy and bringing it into your home can be one of the most enjoyable but stressful things in your life.


This class will give you the information you need to cope with all the Puppy Issues;  Housebreaking, Nipping and Jumping, Nutrition and Handling of your New Pup.  You can start your new puppy off on the right foot by getting all the information you need to make having a puppy an enjoyable experience.  This class can be in a group setting or two private sessions.


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