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We left our separation-anxious spaniel, Truffy, with Steven for one week--Wow! When we came back Truffy was transformed -confident, calm, and happy. Pretty amazing, since the few times we left him with other people we found him a nervous wreck when we returned. Somehow he also looked more fit, not to mention that he was super clean and silky. Magic! I also got a bit of long-distance therapy from Steven--when we called him during the week worrying about Truffy, and he calmed me down. 


- Tonya S.


Thank you Steven, Bochy had a great time again this weekend! The beach was a perfect place to take him, he loves the water... And digging bottomless sand holes :)It was great to see how excited Bochy was to see you again. He was going totally nuts as soon as we turned onto your street... He totally knew exactly where we were even though he's only been over one other time! He was so excited! We'll be seeing you again soon....


- Heather A.


Galileo end up spending 2 days with Steven and on the second day when we went back to drop off Galileo, he immediately responded to Steven and stood up and gave him a hug! I had already known that he liked Steven, but didn't expect that! I highly recommend Steven and hope you will utilize his service.


- Marisa C.





Steven has been exceptional with our 120 lb Pitbull ~ Rigel.  Steven has corrected the fear Rigel had of getting into vehicles; he has reinforced and accomplished the “Come When Called” command so consistently that Rigel can now play off leash.  Most importantly Steven has mastered “The Walk” with Rigel.  Rigel now walks in a controlled manner and it feels GREAT.  Steven is AMAZING, and Rigel LOVE”S Steven.


- Sue M.