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Dog Walking Service:

Inactive dogs are often overweight dogs, and as in people, that brings plenty of health risks. Obesity contributes to a dog’s risk of diabetes, respiratory disease, and heart disease. It exacerbates common orthopedic concerns such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. Obesity can stress joints, ligaments, and tendons. Regular exercise, like off-leash dog walking, is therefore imporant for your dog's health. Exercising also helps to tone the muscles, and helps the body and metabolic system to function properly.


Some of the more common behavior problems seen in dogs who don’t get enough exercise and play are:

destructive chewing, digging or scratching, investigative behaviors, like garbage raiding, hyperactivity, excitability, night-time activity, unruliness, knocking over furniture, jumping up on people, excessive predatory, pulling on leach, play biting, rough play, attention-getting behaviors like barking and whining..


Dogs need physical exercise to be happy, it helps timid or fearful dogs build confidence and trust and it helps dogs feel sleepy, rather than restless. On-leash walks around the block are not usually sufficient.


Activities like off-leash runs, running with you on a bike leash, fetch games, or dog-dog play for social dogs are more appropriate exercise choices.

Dogs cooped up in the yard often lack mental stimulation and physical exercise, which can leave dogs looking for ways to fill their time and expel energy, , at worst, they are working on problem behaviors such as barking, lunging at passersby and separation anxiety’s when left alone. Dogs are natural scavengers and hunters, meaning they are designed to spend much of their time running around.


For those reasons I provide a great solution for your dog: An awesome off-leach, dog walking pack hike: 


I will pick up your dog from your home and drop off your pup tired and happy. Your dog will be among a pack of social dogs where they can interacted, play and practice all kinds of social skills that builds onto a complete social well-rounded behavior.


Our pack-members are physical and mentally challenged by me and the other dogs. I will approach dogs and interacted with them in a positive way, so by positive reinforcement (giving rewards) and negative reinforcement (taking away rewards). I don’t use anything that will physically block your dog from certain actions other than a nylon- leash, of course the safety is always on top of my list. I make sure I provide you with pictures of your pup having a blast: So give your dog the life he deserves, set his energy free, and remember, every hound deserves to be one happy hound!


Happy hound dogwalking prices:

35 euro for a whole day


Custom Training types or other options like pet sitting are available as well upon request