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Steven Van Gucht ​has been fascinated with Animal Behavior since he can remember - taking every opportunity throughout his life to devote time and energy towards the love of animals, especially dogs. From the local Nature Club he joined when he was 10 years old, to his professional experience with animals - Steven has devoted himself to bettering the life of dogs and their relationships with their owners.


​In 2007, Steven volunteered with one of the largest rescue shelters in Spain​, housing 600 dogs,​ specialized in rehabilitating abused and neglected Greyhounds.


In 2008, Steven joined a group of international activists to work in an wildlife rescue park in Thailand via daily care & medical assistance. The Wildlife Rescue park rehabilitates endangered and exotic animals such as Elephants, Bears, Apes, Tigers, Reptiles & Birds.

Later on he received a Bachelor in Animal Science from Ghent University in Belgium -and specific emphasis on Dog Behavior. His thesis studied the correlation between dog behavior and the undeniable effects of human feedback.


​Today, Steven has devoted himself solely to the ​study of dog behavior, individually and in packs. This thanks to his many years in California where he worked as a dogwalker and trainer. He is focused on providing a training method that is suitable for each individual dog, but also easy to perform by the owner, so it has an effective and lasting effect



Academic Background: 

B.S. in Agro-Biotechnology [Ghent University, Belgium 2008]​

Minor in Animal Science with specific emphasis on dog behavior.  

[Thesis: The effects of dog behavior on human feedback]

Lab Animal Certified [Ghent, Belgium 2008]


Professional Background:

Dog Behavior Training [Antwerp, Belgium]

Dog Behavior Training [California, US]

​Wildlife Rescue Volunteer [Phetchaburi, Thailand]

Veterinary Assistant [Antwerp, Belgium]

​Greyhound Rescue Volunteer [Spain]


Steven uses his animal experience and specialized education to form a unique and balanced approach to dog training. Working to better the communication between the owner and dog via positive reinforcements is key to creating a healthy and lasting relationship with your pup.